3 Ways To Improve The Effects Of Your Antioxidant Supplement

Antioxidants play a powerful role in helping to neutralize free radicals within the body. Many people notice an improvement in their energy levels and overall health after starting an antioxidant supplement.

If you are thinking about incorporating an antioxidant supplement into your daily routine, here are three essential ways that you can enhance the overall efficacy of these supplements in the future.

1. Take the Right Dose

You should always talk with your doctor before you begin any new antioxidant supplement.

Antioxidants can naturally be found in the foods that you eat. If you are the type of person who maintains a healthy diet, you likely get quite a few antioxidants already. Your doctor can help you examine your eating habits and your health to determine which antioxidants may be beneficial for you.

This step is crucial when it comes to maximizing your results. Doses of antioxidant supplements that are too high can lead to health complications, so you should let your doctor help you identify the right dose to meet your needs.

2. Understand the Delivery System

The antioxidants found in supplements must be delivered to your body properly in order to be absorbed. Without the right delivery system, the supplements that you are taking will not be able to have a positive effect on your health.

Antioxidants are broken down into two distinct categories: water-soluble and fat-soluble. These categories define the delivery system used by each antioxidant.

Common water-soluble antioxidants include vitamin C, lipoic acid, and anthocyanins. Supplements containing these antioxidants should always be taken with plenty of water to help with absorption.

Common fat soluble antioxidants include vitamin A, vitamin D, and CoQ10. These antioxidants must be taken with healthy fat to ensure they can be absorbed by the body. Supplements containing fat soluble antioxidants should be taken with yogurt or milk.

3. Take the Supplement in the Morning

It's always best to take your antioxidant supplement in the morning when you want to maximize the benefits the supplement has to offer.

Your body needs time to fully absorb the supplement before antioxidants can be released to begin fighting free radicals. Digestion and absorption tend to slow down when you are sleeping at night. If you take your supplement before bedtime, there is a good chance that your body will not fully absorb all of the antioxidants the supplement contains.

Make it a habit to take your antioxidant supplement in the morning so that you can maximize your results. 

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